Why Make Your Own Coffee Mug Design?

Customised Coffee Cups

Why Make Your Own Coffee Mug Design?

In the past few years, there has been a new method of gifting and showing love to your near and dear ones, which is Customised Coffee Cups. You can easily find a number of customised cups in your nearby gift shops. Still, many times, it is recommended that you should design your own coffee mug. There are many reasons behind this recommendation, such as:

  • It adds a touch of class character and charm to the gift
  • A high level of personalization ensures its depiction of true respect and love to whom it is meant for
  • It acts as a personal souvenir that can also be used as a showcase item
  • Helps in remembering the beautiful trip or place, where the picture on the cup or mug was taken

Customised Coffee Cups

These are the main reasons that you should make your own coffee mug design. Now, let us look into some of the tips for making your coffee mug design stand out.

  • Start with basic questions

It is important that you know the answers to some of the basic questions related to any coffee mug design project. You should start with basic questions like:

  • Will the selected design fit in the space available on the mug?
  • What will be the coverage area of the design, i.e., either one side or both sides?
  • Will the mark be used as a decorative item or as a functional item?
  • How many colours will be present in the designs?
  • What will be the type of design such as permanent, washable, etc?
  • The mug should be durable

When you design a customised coffee mug, then it is important that it last for a few years. In line with this, it is very important that the selected mug blanks are durable and dishwasher safe. Also, it should be easy to clean and must be able to handle the basic and standard cleaning procedures for a mug.

  • Choose elegant colours

The colours present in your design will have a real impact on the overall mug. There can be situations when an extra amount of colour can suppress an image, making it look like a mess. You should be sure that the picture selected by you has elegant colours, which do not negatively affect the image and present an exquisite customised printed mug.

Why Give Coffee Mugs as a Gift?

If you chose to Customise Your Mug and present it as a gift to your loved one, then it is a wonderful idea. Check out the reasons below that make personalised coffee mugs a universally accepted gift item.

  • Start the day on the right note: Most people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. Having this meal in a personalized cup will increase the happiness and satisfaction level of one, resulting in an excellent start to the day.
  • The mugs help in starting the conversation in public places and offices
  • These are perfect for work as an appreciation gift
  • There is a sense of individual attachment with the marks that are personalized according to them

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